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Pregnant Students

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is committed to creating and maintaining a non-discriminatory learning environment for all students, which includes students who are pregnant.


Accommodations provided under the policy include:

  • Excused absences and medical leave that are deemed medically necessary related to pregnancy. The Office of Title IX will work with both the student and the student’s faculty members to create a plan for completion of course work and continuation of the student’s education. Individual plans may be adjusted as circumstances change.
  • Opportunity to make up any work missed due to medically necessary absences for pregnancy
  • Reasonable adjustments to an education program or activity which include, but are not limited to:
    • Accessible seating (i.e. a larger desk);
    • Appropriate restroom breaks;
    • Excused absences related to medically necessary appointments;
    • Academic adjustments related to childbirth; and
    • Mobility support (i.e. temporary access to the T van on campus)

Request an Accommodation

If you have questions or concerns about pregnancy accommodations or would like to request an accommodation related to pregnancy, please email or call the Office of Title IX at 865-974-9600.


A student seeking accommodations, adjustments, or requesting excused absences related to pregnancy will need to provide official documentation from the student’s physician.

The Office of Title IX will request a letter from the student’s physician providing dates on which the student’s attendance must be excused and a statement that the absences are deemed medically necessary.

Documentation can be provided in the following ways:

  1. In-person
    Bring your documentation materials to the Office of Title IX, 1817 Melrose Avenue.
  2. Via email
    Send an email with documentation attached to and reference “Documentation for Pregnancy” in the subject line. Include your name and student ID number in the body of the email.

The Student Pregnancy Accommodations Policy defines “pregnancy” as pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, or recovery from any of these conditions. The policy applies to all aspects of the University’s education programs and activities. Discrimination against any student or the exclusion of any student from participation in any part of a University education program or activity, based on a student’s actual or potential pregnancy is prohibited.

Campus Facilities

Lactation Rooms and All Gender Restrooms On Campus

If you have concerns about a building that does not currently have a specified lactation room or space, contact or call 865-974-9600.

Additional Resources and Information